Dina Rasor

Dina has over 32 years of experience in exposing government procurement and program fraud, especially within the Department of Defense. She is a trained investigative journalist who worked for several media outlets such as ABC News and the San Francisco Examiner. She was founder of the Washington D.C. based Project on Military Procurement, a non-profit organization dedicated to working with whistleblowers and sources inside the Pentagon and defense industry exposing fraud and waste, that she directed for ten years. Her organization eventually changed its name to the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), a well-respected nonpartisan watchdog organization that champions good government reforms. Dina currently serves on POGO’s Board of Directors.

While Director of her Project on Military Procurement, she exposed many of the defense scandals written about in the 1980’s, including failures in such major weapon systems as the M-1 tank, the B-1 bomber and the cruise missile. The Project also exposed overpricing and fraud in procurement systems, such as the infamous $7,600 coffee brewer and the $670 armrest in the C-5 cargo plane. Dina retains contact with her sources inside the Pentagon, defense industry, the federal government and the Congress.

Dina authored The Pentagon Underground, co-authored the whistleblower’s manual Courage without Martyrdom: A Survival Guide for Whistleblowers, and Betraying our Troops: The Destructive Results of Privatizing War, has written numerous news articles and guest editorials for national and regional newspapers on procurement waste and fraud as well as editing the book, More Bucks, Less Bang: How the Pentagon Buys Ineffective Weapons.

Ms. Rasor has worked with countless whistleblowers and sources in promoting their cause in hundreds of newspaper articles and on many television shows, including Bill Moyers, CBS News, 60 Minutes II, all major news networks and CNN. She has been a contributor to The Huffington Post and currently writes a weekly column titled Solutions: Making Government Work” that appears in Truthout.org. She has assisted the Congress in procurement reform, including the establishment of an independent operational testing office in the Department of Defense and the 1986 qui tam provision amendment of the False Claims Act. She has also worked with Congress and the press about the problems and fraud both within the Department of Defense and in the nursing home industry.

Ms. Rasor was placed on the 1986 Esquire Register (movers and shakers under 40) and in 1985 was listed in the National Journal as one of 150 people who make a difference. She has helped many whistleblowers and sources to expose fraud with the minimal amount of retaliation. Since leaving the Project in 1990, Ms. Rasor has been a consultant for news organizations and non-profit organizations. In 1993, she co-founded the consulting group, The Bauman & Rasor Group, to work with whistleblowers on qui tam False Claims suits and consult for non-profit groups.